I am a psychologist, born in Germany and currently living in South Africa. My passion lies in the intersection of Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Positive Psychology.
This blog encompasses a variety of topics within these fields, based on my interests and the experiences I make.

What does Metathoughts stand for?

I write about the psychological mechanisms behind events and incidents. To think on a Metalevel means in this context to abstract from the depiction of what is happening on the surface, raising questions with regards to the underlying psychological processes which take place. This will often be thoughts about thoughts: “Metathoughts”.

In this context, these are the broader categories of topics that I am writing about and why I do so:

  • Positive Psychology: The classical approach of Psychology strongly focuses on weaknesses and mechanisms of disorder in the human psyche, but to a large degree, neglects its strengths and the potential of the mind to create happiness and well-being. Positive Psychology is a recent branch of Psychology that tries to counterweight this tradition. In accord with this, I am interested in the behavior, motivations and thoughts of individuals and society as a whole. However not with a question in mind that interrogates “What is wrong?”, but “What is positive and how can we grow and advance to reach the full potential?”
  • Living in South Africa: Living in this country with its unique history, spectacular beauty, diverse cultures and magical vibe is marvelous and inspiring, exciting, as well as challenging and at times even intimidating. I just can’t help, but have to share my fascination for this place by means of thoughts about its people and events.
  • The Web-Generation: I believe we live in incredibly delightful times of upheaval, in which many changes are brought about by the rise of the Internet as the guiding tool into our future. I see myself as part of the first generation growing up in this globalised world that is coined by the Internet. I am interested to reflect on the opportunities and challenges as well as the sentiments that come along with it.
  • Travel Thoughts: I am privileged and lucky to be able to live my passion for traveling. Therefore I will, from time to time, share a few experiences that seem to be somewhat particular. I furthermore want to pass on some tips and thoughts around traveling, the logistics and opportunities as well as downside of prolonged trips and backpacking.

General: I am happy about comments on my blog. Not welcome are disrespectful and offending annotations.

Acknowledgement: The header of this website is part of an art piece by Jenny Ross.    Thanks to Opkode for technical assistance.


2 Responses to About

  1. Cornelia Kirsten says:

    Hallo M
    Ek het by Elsabe jou www adres gekry. Goed om van jou gedagtes te lees. “Gedagtes oor gedagtes- Thoughts about thoughts”
    Ek dink dikwels daaraan dat dit lekker sal wees om jou weer te sien.
    Kom jy nog soms op Stellenbosch?
    Bless you!!
    Cornelia K

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